Greetings fellow earthlings!

It is us, the pegacorns! (Yes, we are aware that they're actually called alicorns, no worries.) We are two best friends who love reading, and are without doubt two of the biggest bookworms on planet earth. This is our book blog! We decided to create this blog because we both share a love of both reading and writing, and want to share our thoughts and opinions with other bookworms. On this blog, one of us will be known as Unicorn, the other will be Pegasus. We will post book reviews, book related tags, reading lists, and more. We hope you will visit often! We will post lots of stuff, as we never get bored of reading! We both like different types of books, so there will be a variety of reviews. We like books from fantasy to dystopian to mystery. We hope this blog will allow you to find new books to read, see what we thought about your favourites, and give you a chance to share your thoughts and opinions with us. We also have a Google Plus account where we will post updates for the blog. If you love reading, join us, and become a pegacorn!