Monday, 6 June 2016

Most Anticipated Book For the Past 6 Months

Greetings all! As you probably know, awhile back I read the first two books from Rick Yancey's trilogy, The 5th Wave. They were amazing! In fact, Unicorn and I recently watched the movie, which we both enjoyed, but we also talked about many improvements that could've been made to improve the film. 😄

Anyways, to the point! I am so excited to read The Last Star!!! I have been waiting ages and now that it is finally out, I cannot wait to read it!! Unfortunately, I am sick and stuck in bed so I cannot go to the library or to a bookstore to get it because I am stuck inside. Anyhow, I am highly anticipating this book and am so excited to read it!

I know this was an extremely short post but I thought I'd just post something anyways. 😄

Have a great day!

-Pegasus ;)

P.s. If you've already read The Last Star, share your thoughts! Did you enjoy it? :)

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