Wednesday, 16 March 2016

16 Beautiful Words That Are Actually Useful

Today, I'm talking about something really exciting; words!!!! (I'm SO excited about this post. I don't know why.) Have you ever thought to yourself; "My vocabulary is so limited. I know all of these amazing words and I don't use them." I have thought that many times. The reason I never use the fascinating words they teach us in school and such is because they aren't really applicable to everyday situations. So I've scavenged a bunch of awesome words from all across the internet that sound beautiful but are actually useful and I made a list. You'll probably have heard some of them before, as this a mixture of relatively well-known words we don't use enough and beautiful/older words that are almost never used. Enjoy! We're starting off with my two of my personal favourite words because of their meanings;

Meaning: The strange wistfulness of used bookstores
In a sentence: As soon as I stepped into the bookstore, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of vellichor.

Meaning: Too suspenseful or interesting to put down (usually referring to a book.)
In a sentence: Have you read Divergent by Veronica Roth? It's unputdownable!

Meaning: Perfect, flawless
In a sentence: I want your performance to be absolutely impeccable.

Meaning: Large, spacious, roomy
In a sentence: She lives in an overly expensive but commodious apartment.

Meaning: Ugly, distorted
In a sentence: The artwork was rather grotesque and frightening; neither I nor any of my friends liked it.

Meaning: Source, place of origin
In a sentence: The provenance of the painting remains a mystery.

Meaning: A sudden revelation
In a sentence: I experience many epiphanies every day, which have really opened up my eyes to the suffering of the world.

Meaning: Made by humans
In a sentence: This lake hasn't always been here; it's anthropogenic.

Meaning: The state of being alone
In a sentence: After the argument, I spent the weekend in complete solitude. Not even my husband wanted to talk to me.

Meaning: Wicked, evil, villainous
In a sentence: My cat looks cute but is really so nefarious. I swear he's plotting to kill me.

Meaning: A large or abundant amount of something
In a sentence: I was at the grocery store yesterday and bought a plethora of sweets for the party tonight.

Meaning: Honesty, truthfulness
In a sentence: Probity is an important quality I look for in friends.

Meaning: Very joyful
In a sentence: Fans were jubilant when the author announced there would be a sequel to the book.

Meaning: Not legally permitted; illegal
In a sentence: You shouldn't do that, it's illicit.

Meaning: Too great to be expressed in words
In a sentence: I can't describe what the waterfall looked like; it was ineffable.

Meaning: Occurrence of events by chance in a good or beneficial way
In a sentence: If he hadn't spilled all of his milk that morning, he would never have rushed to the grocery story where he then met his future wife. What serendipity!

I hope you guys enjoyed that! Are you all jubilant now? =P As always, thanks so much for reading, and have an amazing day!


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