Sunday, 13 March 2016

Gifts your nerdy friends will love

Have you ever been in need of the perfect gift for a friend, parent, sibling, or just anyone really? I've brainstormed a list of things most bookworms will love to receive as gifts. I would personally love to receive any of these, I think they'd all make good gifts. :)

Tip: It might be helpful to coordinate with other friends/relatives to make sure that nobody is getting them the same thing. That would be slightly awkward if two people got someone the same gift, especially if they can't return it.

THE BASICS - buy them things they actually need for reading. This can include:
  • Books, of course. Do you know what books they've been dying to read? Buy them those!
  • Collector's Editions. Is there a book they absolutely love that they don't have? Give them the collector's edition of it. Collector's editions are great gifts since they come with lots of awesome bits and pieces, posters for instance, that aren't included in the regular book.
  • Gift cards to their favourite bookstore. Aren't sure what book to get them? Just get them a gift card; you can never go wrong with that.
  • Bookmarks. There are lots of pretty bookmarks out there. (This, for instance, is a cool one. The pen is totally epic too. This is another example of a nice bookmark.) Get them a few really great bookmarks they'll love, or just give them one to go along with the book you're giving them.
  • An e reader. If this is a big gift and you're willing to spend more money, this may be something they'd enjoy.
'AMBIENCE' - buy them things for the place where they read. Examples are:
  • A fluffy pillow. This will make their favourite reading spot comfy and it'll look great too.
  • A fluffy blanket. This will be good for when you cozy up with a book on a cold day.
  • Clothes/pyjamas. I love coming home from school and getting into pyjamas and reading. It's the best! You could get them a warm Christmas sweater or warm pyjama pants or (my personal favourite out of these clothing ideas) a really cool shirt with some sort of nerdy reference/thing on it!
  • A scented candle. These will make your reading area smell amazing and will give it a cozy, bookish, awesome feel.
  • Book posters. This will make their bedroom or wherever they decide to put it look awesome, and posters are always a great way to declare what books you love!
OTHER LITTLE THINGS - just small things like:
  • Nerdy book-related jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets, etc. (Like this necklace which I personally really like, and these earrings.)
  • Make them a DIY! (There's a lot of good geeky DIY ideas here.)
  • Book collectibles, like figurines or other things. You can look up '<BookName> Collectible' and you'll most likely find lots of things you can order off of many different online stores.
That concludes my list of book-related gift ideas! I hope you like them and I hope it'll help you pick out gifts for your bookworm friends. Thanks so much for reading! :)


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